Jazz vocals

Preperation course (1 semester)

Whether you already have a vocal education or you just want to start singing jazz, in this course you learn everything you need to know to performe with a jazz band. You start to understand musical terms and you get to know song forms and time signatures. We explain to you the different functions of the different instruments in a jazz band and you learn to differentiate between different styles (e.g. swing, bossa-nova, samba, ballad etc) and how to count the band in, in these styles. We will be practicing all of the above, and much more with different playalongs. We will learn about 12 songs. During the course we dive into the world of jazz singing though recordings, videos and background information. That way we get to know the most important vocalists and composers of jazz.

Usually this course lasts one semester and is followed by the

Performer course with band

In this course you will learn about 12 jazz standards and how to work on them with a band. You get the lead sheets in your key and singalongs to practice. Moreover you get recordings of the songs that you are working on. Twice in a semester there will be concerts where the participants perform live with a band. This course makes you a bandleader in no time and in addition you broaden your repertoire.


Please use our “about-you-link” to answer a few questions about your musical background. Then we will come up with a few suggestions of courses which we feel will match your needs, and recommend an appropriate instructor.