Improvisation & Theory

Improvisation, Harmony, Theory, Ear Training

The Basic Course Jazz Standards (also available as a Distance Learning Course) is a state certified course.

The basis of the jazz repertoire is formed by “standards” (well-known pieces of jazz music) and in this course we familiarise you with the greatest compositions in jazz history. You’ll learn how to break down these standards into units of the most typical chord progressions which repeatedly occur in various forms in a multitude of musical compositions. Seemingly complicated chord progressions are reduced to simple harmonic functions. Through clearly constructed lessons, you’ll learn how to confidently improvise over the individual chord progressions.

Once you have mastered these individual progressions, you’ll start to learn the corresponding jazz standards. Simple standards guarantee quick success with your improvisations, building up the basis for improvising over more complex pieces. Ear-training and harmony theory are an important part of the course, but the practical aspects of hearing, singing and playing come before the theoretical understanding.

The Basic Course Jazz Standards is an on going course. If you attend the course between 4 and 6 semesters, you will be able to join jazz sessions or play with a jazz band.


Please use our “about-you-link” to answer a few questions about your musical background. Then we will come up with a few suggestions of courses which we feel will match your needs, and recommend an appropriate instructor.

For the Basic Course Jazz Standards, knowledge of jazz chords and some experience in improvisation are required. If you don’t have those skills yet, you can first attend some one to one lessons.