Who can take the courses?

We welcome beginners and/or classically trained musicians who still “stick” to the written notes and would like to discover the world of improvisation. The courses are equally open to those who perhaps know the scales and chords, but are having trouble using them when improvising. Advanced players are also welcome who are interested in learning about the techniques of particular musicians or styles and wish to develop their skills in that direction.

The semesters are from February to July and from September to February. The Jazzschule Berlin is closed during the school holidays in Berlin.

Professional Training & Advanced Courses

All courses at the Jazzschule Berlin are suitable as professional training and advanced study for:

  • Instrumentalists and vocalists who have learned the basics of music and wish to prepare for the entrance examinations in jazz at German universities and higher education institutions
  • trained music teachers and music specialists at private and public music schools who want further training in the area of jazz and improvisation, and
  • professional musicians looking for practical training in jazz improvisation.