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We want to know about your musical experiences. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form. Then we will come up with a few suggestions of courses which we feel will match your needs, and recommend an appropriate instructor. Looking forward to seeing you one day soon at our school.

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    1. I have played or sung jazz standards with playalongs and / or with other musicians and I have improvised over these standards:

    2. I have performed jazz standards with other musicians or a band in front of an audience:

    3. Theoretically I unterstand chord changes and chord symbols like triads (e.g. G, Gm) or chords like Gmaj7, G7, Gm7 or Gm7b5 and extentions like the b9, 9, 11, 13 etc:

    4. I can read music:

    5. I want to practice my instrument (or voice):

    6. Only for piano, guitar and bass players: I am able to read the chord changes (e.g. C-7, F7, Bbmaj7, etc.) for jazz standards from a real book and accompany other musicians:

    Message: What you should also know about me or what I would also like to learn or know: