Jazzschule Berlin

  • Sardegna, Summer-Workshop 2012

    A few impressions – next year again in July…
  • Intensive Course Jazz Vocals 2.6.2012

    feat: Jeanny Mayani, Bona Ngoumou, Ricarda Ostermann, Wolfgang Obert, Claus Rückbeil, Guiseppe Bottiglieri & the Jazz Choir












  • Fujiama Nightclub in Heimathafen Neukölln

    Morris Perry, the organiser of the Fujiama Nightclub Show in Heimathafen Neukölln, invited us to perform in his show. The photos were taken by David Perschke, a young photographer from Munich. We had a great time – have a look for yourself.
  • jb Lounge, March 2012

  • jb Lounge, January 2012 Ensembles

  • jb Lounge, January 2012 Vocals

  • jb at the Jazztreff 2011 at the Atze Musiktheater

    Daniel Pasche took some really great photos here of the intensive course jazz vocalists and the jazz choir.
  • jb course photos by Daniela Incoronato

    Here are some fantastic photos taken by Daniela Incoronato of classes at the jb.
  • jb-lounge June 2010

    Die Jazzschule noch im alten Domizil Am Tempelhoferberg.
  • Intensive Course Jazz Vocalists, Concert Dec. 2010

    David Beecroft took these great photos of our intensive course vocalists performing. On stage: Jeanny Mayani, Luisa Seeling, Bona Ngoumou, Claus Rückbeil guit, Robin Draganic b und Michael Clifton dr.

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